Xiaomi Mi Band 6 First Impressions, Specifications, Review, and Price

  • Xiaomi has launched the Mi Band 6 in India.
  • The wearable is priced at Rs 3,499.
  • Here’s our first impressions of the new device.

For anyone wanting to buy a wearable for the first time, Xiaomi’s Mi Band series is usually one of the go-to products. Its success mantra is uniquely Xiaomi. Offer a surprising variety of features for a reasonable price. Other manufacturers, however, have been catching up, with Oppo’s Oppo and Style (review) wearable being the most famous. Xiaomi intends to reclaim its position as the unchallenged leader with the Mi Band 6. The wearable has a higher start price than its predecessors, at Rs 3,499. So, what’s new this time?

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The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 resembles its predecessor, the Mi Band 5, virtually identically (review). In reality, Xiaomi states that the Mi Band 6’s straps are interchangeable with those of the Mi Band 5. As a result, if you loved the design of the Mi Band 5, you’ll love the Mi Band 6.

Another useful aspect of the Mi Band 6 is that it is entirely waterproof, allowing users to take it swimming if desired. In fact, the device allows users to track their swimming progress.

Overall, the Mi Band 6 is quite light and does not appear to be very uncomfortable. On the other hand, the gadget is fairly lengthy, nearly the same length as my wrist. The gadget would not only appear awkward if it were any larger, but it would also be difficult to wear. Xiaomi deserves credit for cramming a bigger display into the same space. If the firm does aim to increase display sizes, it should also consider expanding the device’s breadth.


mi band 6 display
mi band 6 display

The Mi Band 6 comes with a 1.56-inch AMOLED display that is bright and clear. Because the device lacks buttons, navigation is solely based on swipes and taps. It’s really intuitive, and anyone who’s used a Mi Band before should feel right at home. First-time users may be perplexed at first, but they should gradually get the hang of it.


The Mi Band 6 has a lot of features when it comes to activity tracking. The gadget has an optical heart rate tracker and can track up to 30 activities. The devices can utilize their Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) score, which should be documented. This should provide consumers with a number that encompasses all of their actions. The higher the number, the more healthy the way of living. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Mi Band 6 does not have a built-in GPS and must be paired with your smartphone to monitor journeys.

The Mi Fit app connects the Mi Band 6 to smartphones. The pairing is simple and needs the user to connect to either their social network account or their Mi Account. We haven’t had the opportunity to put the Mi Band 6 to the test, but we did take it for a stroll. While the quantity of data and information available is great, the lack of a built-in GPS is noticeable when it comes to route tracking. Surprisingly, when the gadget detects no movement, it will immediately halt the activity. The action will continue when the user moves again.

Before we can come to a complete conclusion, we need to test a lot more. We’ll be putting the gadget through its paces soon. Keep an eye out for our complete review.

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