Top 25 Best Websites For School And College Students

Many people believe that today’s college students have an easy time. All of the knowledge they want is at their fingertips, so they can quickly finish all academic tasks within a few hours of browsing the Internet. However, this is not the case in practice. Curriculums are more difficult than ever, therefore college students must consider alternative methods of improving productivity and motivation.

Fortunately, there are several applications and websites available to help students better their time management, planning, brainstorming, writing, socializing, and many other areas of student life. This article is a list of 25 websites, applications, and gadgets that can instantly make you a smarter student.

Table Of Content

  • 1. StudentRate
  • 2. NinjaEssays
  • 3. Koofers
  • 4. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)
  • 5. OpenStudy
  • 6. Sworkit
  • 7. Help.PlagTracker
  • 8. Audible
  • 9. Half
  • 10. Mint
  • 11. InstaGrok
  • 12. Studious
  • 13. StudyBlue
  • 14. SelfControl
  • 15. Rate My Professor
  • 16. iStudiez Pro
  • 17. TED
  • 18. Dragon Dictation
  • 19. SugarSync
  • 20. Quizlet
  • 21. Mobile
  • 22. Wolfram Alpha
  • 23. Notella
  • 24. RealCalc
  • 25. BenchPrep

1. StudentRate

Budgeting may be the most difficult of all the additional duties that come with becoming a college student. is a website where you can get excellent bargains on anything from textbooks to travel and electronics.

2. NinjaEssays

You can always have your papers and assignments ready to submit with the help of our website. Your assignments will be assigned to real professionals by the organization, so you can rest assured that the results will be good.

3. Koofers

Koofers make it easier to get flashcards and study for tests. Students often utilize Koofers to find out about career and internship opportunities and to get hired in suitable roles.

4. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Missing important classes are out of the question if you want to be a successful college student. Let’s see if you can sleep through this alarm! It’s annoying but will get you out of bed for sure.

5. OpenStudy

You can use OpenStudy to join study groups for history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other courses when you need to study hard for exams.

6. Sworkit

When you forget how important it is to exercise, this app will remind you that you can always make time for your health and fitness.

7. Help.PlagTracker

When writing a paper, you must ensure that it is flawless in every way before submitting it. You can hire a professional editor to smooth out the content and start obtaining better grades on your academic tasks by visiting this website.

8. Audible

Listening to an audiobook will greatly assist you when you are too sleepy to read the book for your literature lesson. When you’re waiting in line or taking a lengthy walk, you can now put your time to good use.

9. Half

Buying and selling textbooks online might save you a lot of money. There are other websites that provide the same purpose, but Half is the most user-friendly.

10. Mint

Developing budgeting knowledge takes time and work, but with the help of Mint — a free tool that categorizes and organizes your costs for you – everything will go much more smoothly.

11. InstaGrok

This website allows you to research a topic of interest and create a personalized idea map to assist you to make your learning materials more interesting. The interactive visual interface will help you remember essential facts.

12. Studious

You may forget to switch off your phone during class, and your parents may decide to call you at that moment. This Android software will keep you from disrupting the class and rubbing the professor the wrong way.

13. StudyBlue

Taking notes and preparing flashcards, no matter how much you despise them, are necessary learning practices if you want to make studying easier. StudyBlue allows you to create entertaining flashcards and take notes from anywhere at any time.

14. SelfControl

It is critical to avoid distractions while studying. This free Mac program will help you stay away from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

15. Rate My Professor

You can examine the reputation of different teachers on this website when you’re prepared to make your class schedule.

16. iStudiez Pro

This fantastic planner will assist you in keeping track of your schedule during college. You may use it to create a smart summary of all planned events for the day on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad.

17. TED

The lectures on this website are not only motivational but also educational. You can acquire ideas and materials for your initiatives from TED.

18. Dragon Dictation

You can be more productive by dictating instead of typing like a madman. Your words will be instantaneously converted to text by Dragon Dictation.

19. SugarSync


Your files and folders contain sensitive information that must be safeguarded against loss. SugarSync will not only make you feel protected, but it will also make your job easier by synchronizing your files across various devices.

20. Quizlet


Quizlet is a free app that allows you to study vocabulary, languages, and a variety of other topics. It encourages you to use excellent study techniques that will help you see learning as a pleasurable experience.

21. Mobile


You can use this smartphone software to translate your eloquent professor’s expressions into simple language if you don’t grasp what he’s saying.

22. Wolfram Alpha


Wikipedia is greatly exaggerated, and your teachers are not fond of it. This software allows you to access professional expertise and reliable information whenever and wherever you need it.

23. Notella


This program will keep you from missing critical information when your instructors drop it on you unexpectedly. This is a lightning-quick note-taker that will come to your rescue when you least expect it.

24. RealCalc


You might even begin to like calculating with the help of this scientific calculator. When you have this fantastic program at your disposal, you won’t need to buy a costly calculator to utilize in class.

25. BenchPrep


This comprehensive library of interactive test prep courses will assist you in finding all of the exam study materials you require. BenchPrep also has a robust collection of flashcards, practice questions, and study lessons.

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