Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 10000

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under ₹10,000

Best Mechanical Keyboard under ₹10000 In today’s world, You can see computers everywhere like Home, Industry, Factories, IT Companies, Hospitals, Schools, etc. But the keyboard is one of the main input devices in the parts of a computer. There are two types of keyboard. Mechanical and Membrane Keyboard. Membrane keyboards are cheap and they are not too user-friendly for gamers and professionals. But Mechanical Keyboards are expensive and you can choose a good Mechanical keyboard for ₹8000 – ₹10000. In this post, we will see the best Mechanical Keyboards to choose from under ₹10000.

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under ₹10000

  • 5. CORSAIR K70 RGB
  • 4. Razer Huntsman
  • 3. Razer Blackwidow
  • 2. SteelSeries Apex 7
  • 1. Logitech G512

5. CORSAIR Gaming K70 RGB

This is a Mechanical Keyboard from CORSAIR. As guys, you know Corsair is a good company producing pc parts. This keyboard has Cherry MX Speed RGB switches. This is one of the best Keyboard for gamers who want RGB at a decent price under ₹10000. This keyboard also has options to customize RGB
CORSAIR K70 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Rating – 4.6/5
  • Brand – Corsair
  • Series – Rapidfire Cherry
  • Item Height – 1.57 Inches
  • Item Width – 6.7 Inches
  • Product Dimensions – 44.7 x 17.02 x 3.99 cm
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4. Razer Huntsman

Razer Huntsman is an RGB Gaming Keyboard from Razer. This is a ten-keyless keyboard which means it does not have num keys. So it will save much more space. This will be a good feature for gamers. The RGB Colours in this keyboard are awesome and it only costs under ₹10000. So if you are an entry-level or professional gamer, this is a more than enough keyboard. So I would recommend you to buy this keyboard
Rating – 4.5/5
  • Brand – Razer
  • Item Height – 37 Millimeters
  • Item Width – 36 Centimeters
  • Product Dimensions – 14.1 x 36 x 3.7 cm; 739 Grams
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3. Razer Blackwidow

This is also a Razee Keyboard but this is a Black Widow edition from Razer. This Keyboard will be a value for money keyboard. This has an orange key switch. This keyboard is designed in a compact way so that you don’t wanna compromise the space on your desk
Rating – 3.6/5
  • Brand ‎ – Razer
  • Hardware Platform ‎- PC
  • Product Dimensions – 5.24 x 14.22 x 1.42 in
  • Color -‎ Star Wars Limited Edition
  • Manufacturer ‎- Razer Inc.
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2. SteelSeries Apex 7

Buying SteelSeries products is a dream for all gamers. So This Mechanical keyboard will satisfy you more enough than you think. It has an OLED Smart display. And instant notification from discord and from games. It has a durable Mechanical switch. This comes with three variants. They are the blue switches, red switches, brown switches. You can choose anything you want
SteelSeries Apex 7
Rating – 4.6/5
  • Brand – Apex 7
  • Anti-Ghosting – 100%
  • Weight – 1.7 LBS
  • Height – 40.44 mm
  • Width – 139.26 mm
  • Depth – 355.44 mm
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1. Logitech G512

Logitech is one of the big and best brands producing computer peripherals. This keyboard is a quality mark from Logitech. It has RGB which is customizable. That is a pretty good feature. This keyboard is a good keyboard. I recommend this keyboard because Logitech is a Good Brand. It also has a programmable macro feature that is pretty amazing
Logitech G512Rating – 4.5/5
  • Brand ‎- Logitech
  • Model ‎- G512 (GX blue)
  • Model Name – GX
  • Product Dimensions -‎ 46.1 x 4.2 x 18 cm
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